What if?

What if we all have some sort of secret talent that's hidden deep inside us, just waiting for us to master it? What if the little events in our life are meerly just a preamble to the mastering of this talent, and that some day each and every one of us will figure out what our talent is? What if some people have no talent whatsoever? What if these questions are just a form of fairy tale, and life is really as dull as it seems?

Life isn't dull for Amie Barnett.

But life can be extremely dull at times. I just can't help thinking that there is something more out there for us. This is starting to sound so sappy. Leave it to a silly little movie to fill my head with such notions. Movies lately have a tendency to do that to me. Some of them hit me a little harder than others. But that may just be my overactive mind playing tricks on me, though part of me thinks that isn't so.