Saturday Night

After careful reflection, I think I've decided to keep my little desert escapade a secret, for now at least. Let me just assure you that it was magical and leave it at that. Tonight I attended a little get-together and the topic came up a few times about my "trip." I felt that the more I explained, the crazier it sounded and I DON'T want this event to be chalked up as one of crazy Amie's little fantasies, because the experience was very real. Let's just say that somewhere along the line, deep in my heart, I feel that I will earn the right to say to everybody I know, "I TOLD YOU SO!" The get-together was a hoot, by the way, thanks to Stacie's endless preperations and the lively discussion that ranged from The Deer Hunter to DeGrassi Junior High. I think a good time was had by all.

Al is curled up on his Target plaid dog bed next to his purple ball and a little plush squirrel which started out life on top of a candy cane. He's snoring. Oh Al, I love you.

Okay, more tomorrow, I suppose. Good night mystery readers. Sweet dreams.