Baking cookies and making comments

Tonight I baked oatmeal/cranberry/pecan cookies while I finished commenting on a manuscript sent to me by a friend. She told me that she experienced something like postpartum depression when she finished her book and finally put it aside. I can only begin to imagine what she must have felt. Just finishing commenting on the novel feels like a part of me has died. I carried that bound manuscript around with me like a baby for weeks. Oh my God, this imagery has taken a really ugly turn, hasn't it! Now the novel is a stillborn child and... OK, look, sealing it up in a brown envelope and saying good-bye to it is like throwing away a baby blanket... God, I can't get away from it. Do you think it's because I'm menstruating? I included two of the oatmeal cookies in the package. I hope she won't be afraid to eat them. Why am I crying as I type this?


Blogger Justin Cooley  said...

She shouldn't eat the cookies you made while menstrating because according to the sharia they arfe unclean. :(

1/30/2005 11:54:00 AM  
Blogger Justin Cooley  said...

as is my typing :( :(

1/30/2005 11:55:00 AM  

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