The babysitter can draw cartoons

This morning I woke up and started seriously reading Quimby the Mouse by Chris Ware. If you've ever seen the book, you know that "reading" isn't quite the right word, more like absorbing. I've found that I have to take it in small doses, because the narrative is so packed with deep emotion. I've read and reread Jimmy Corrigan, and it gets me every time. Quimby is a little hard to follow, because the strips are so tiny. I haven't even begun to read the "text" pages that sport something close to a five point font. I checked Quimby out from the library along with In the Shadow of No Towers by Art Spiegelman, that I've just glanced at so far. The librarian informed us while we were at the checkout desk that she had just ordered $4000 worth of graphic novels that she plans to put in the "Young Adult/Teen" area as a special collection. I sure hope she flips through the books before she solidifies that decision. I have a feeling she doesn't have the slightest idea what a graphic novel even is. While we were there, she said, "Yeah, I really want to write a graphic novel. I have a good idea for one. I bet my babysitter could do it. She's really good at drawing cartoons and things." Evan said, "It takes a year or more for a professional graphic designer to do one of these." She said, "Oh, it shouldn't take that long. I mean the story is partly about the babysitter." We've got a few ideas for a Formula 1 car that we'd like to race at Monte Carlo. We have a friend in Atascadero who's a mechanic. You know, this whole thing is starting to sound like a graphic novel without the illustrations.


Blogger stacie  said...

I still want to read Blankets by Craig Thompson.

I will purchase that McSweeney's comic issue tomorrow.

I spotted the cute grad student from my college years this evening. He was sporting a Sam Beam-ish beard and everything.

1/21/2005 12:33:00 AM  

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